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Enrolled in a community learning course?

The goal of community learning is to provide you with comprehensive education that prepares you to be a leader in your chosen profession, as well as a productive and responsible citizen in a democratic society. VT Engage works with partners in the New River Valley that focus their work on a variety of social issues.

Questions or concerns?Contact Eliza Wethey, Associate Director for Global Engagement, at 540-231-5853 or

Students who work out their community learning arrangements within the first three weeks of the semester have the highest quality experiences and make the most meaningful impacts in their projects. Students who delay in getting started may experience problems in finding a placement, or may miss the required pre-service trainings and orientations that allows them to work at a particular site.

Your instructor has already approved projects that fit the objectives of your course. If you have questions about how to get started with those projects, check in with your instructor before reaching out to the VT Engage team.

We chose organizations that address social issues in our communities. We partner with communities and organizations to identify local opportunities for collaborative problem solving that align with everyone’s mission. We invest the university’s intellectual and human resources in the production of mutually beneficial projects, processes, and outcomes, placing the needs of our partners at the same level as our own.

Talk to your instructor about their preferred method for tracking your progress. We suggest recording the details in a spreadsheet. 

Non-endorsement statement

Most of VT Engage’s community partners are independent of Virginia Tech and do not necessarily represent the opinions or beliefs of our faculty, staff, or administration. We partner with organizations and individuals whose goals align with our mission, but hold a wide range of opinions on political, religious, and social issues. Therefore, students participating in our programs may find themselves in situations where their personal views come into conflict with those of others.

We encourage students to see these differences as an opportunity to better understand the perspectives and beliefs of others through dialogue and reflection. However, any student who feels threatened, unsafe, or unreasonably uncomfortable is encouraged to remove themselves from the situation and alert a VT Engage program leader.