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Meet Our Team

Our list of program managers for our most frequently inquired about programs is below. If you are still not sure who to contact, please contact us at our general office email and phone: and 540-231-6964. Also, you might be able to find the answer to your question on our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Campus Kitchen & Get on the Bus: Kas Church at or 540-231-1113
  • Alternative Breaks / Service Immersion Trips: Jes Davis at or 540-231-6947
  • Media Requests: Lindsey Gleason at or 540-231-97978
  • Global Trips & Co-Curricular International Approvals: Megan Weyrens Kuhn at or 540-231-1356
  • Community organization interested in partnering with us? Catherine Cotrupi at or 540-231-9186
  • Faculty Engagement: Megan Weyrens Kuhn at or 540-231-1356
Formal portrait of a smiling Meghan Weyrens Kuhn

Meghan Weyrens Kuhn

Jessica Davis, Student Engagement Coordinator

Jessica Davis
Assistant Director for Leadership & Civic Engagement

Formal headshot of Jason Clayton, Special Projects Coordinator for VT Engage
Jason W. Clayton
Associate Director for Leadership & Civic Engagement
Kathy Flint

Kathy Flint
Administrative Assistant

Catherine Cotrupi, Assistant Director for Student Engagement

Catherine Cotrupi
Assistant Director for Campus & Community Engagement

Headshot of Jasim Khan

Jasim Khan
Graduate Assistant for Campus Kitchen

Sharon Luz, Program Support Technician

Sharon Luz
Program Support Technician

Headshot of a smiling Kas Church

Kas Church
Campus & Community Engagement Coordinator

Lindsey Gleason, Communication & Administrative Coordinator

Lindsey R. Gleason
Communications Manager

Phone: 540-231-6964
Address: 417 Clay Street, SW
Mail code: (0168)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Requests for accommodations & other questions

If you are an individual with a disability & desire an accommodation, welcome! Please contact the VT Engage team at least 10 business days prior to day trips & at least 30 days for other trips. Visit program pages for specific information or contact us at or 540-231-9798.

While we recognize that there are many different types of accommodations that an individual may request, as of fall 2019 Virginia Tech owns a wheelchair-accessible van that is available for departmental use. We are happy to reserve this van for our events.