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Co-Curricular International Approvals

Updated October 12, 2021

Co-Curricular Global Trips Update

The COVID-19 pandemic brought travel to a halt in 2020. For the 2021-22 academic year, global travel has been authorized, but with restrictions. The VT Engage team is here to support faculty and staff who are considering a global trip for the 2021-22 academic year.

VT Engage is ready to assist you in planning your co-curricular experience. Please see the steps below and complete the documentation to prepare for your experience.

The Global Travel Oversight Committee reviews abroad activities and approves such as activities upon program-specific review, public health and safety guidelines, and the alignment with the university’s academic planning strategies for successful co-curricular abroad experiences.

if you have any questions or concerns about your co-curricular program, please contact Meghan Weyrens Kuhn, VT Engage director, at or 540-231-1356. Additionally, Global Education compiled a list of frequently asked questions related to travel for the upcoming year that may be useful.

Traveling internationally?

Virginia Tech requires all faculty- or staff-led Co-Curricular International Programs involving student participants to follow the procedure listed below. This includes programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level for group travel, group research, groups attending a conference, international service trips, and other programs that are Virginia Tech sponsored co-curricular (non-credit) programs. Registered student organizations (RSOs) or student groups with a special interest are not university supported nor are they university affiliated.

Program directors (VT faculty/staff) should submit the information several months in advance of when their program is proposed to leave. Programs should not be recruited for until the Hokie Sentinel Global Travel Assessment is approved.

Send all required documents and any questions to Meghan Weyrens Kuhn at or 540-231-1356.

Download and fill out the Virginia Tech Co-Curricular International Travel Planning Assessment.

Virginia Tech Policy 1070: Global Travel Policy, does not authorize any university-supported international travel to locations where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Travel Health Notice Level 3 or higher. Also, Policy 1070 does not authorize student university-supported international travel to locations where the U.S. Department of State has issued a Travel Advisory Level 3 or higher. Group leaders can petition the Global Travel Oversight Committee (GTOC) for an exception to policy for high-risk travel. Exceptions are not guaranteed.

Please complete this following document and submit along with your Co-Curricular International Travel Planning Assessment.

COVID-19 Mitigations Co-Curricular GTOC Petition for Exception to Policy 1070.pdf

Contact for specific details regarding this COVID-19 Mitigation document. Please refer to the FAQs for GTOC to assist you as well.

Program directors (VT faculty/staff) must require students to submit the following forms and program documentation at least one month prior to program departure. These forms should be uploaded to the Canvas drop box.

Student form checklist

All students must turn in the following forms and documents. The information will be collected and audited by VT Engage.

Program information checklist

Program directors are required to submit the following information to VT Engage at least one month prior to departure:

  • Final participant list
  • Complete flight itinerary (including dates and flight numbers) during program. 
  • Final program itinerary
  • Program leader’s overseas cell phone number
  • Travel medical insurance confirmation for all participants (see below for information)
  • STEP enrollment confirmation for all US citizen participants (see below for information)

Per Virginia Tech’s Global Travel Policy all program participants must be enrolled in the university’s mandatory travel medical insurance plan. 

CISI is a leading provider in travel emergency and evacuation situations, which offers affordable coverage that can be purchased in small increments (one week/two week/three weeks/monthly). Self-enroll online by following the instructions below.

To enroll:

  •  Email Meghan Weyrens Kuhn ( for the Sponsor Code.
  • Go to the CISI self-enrollment page.
  • Under Personal Data, you may enter the Program Name, but you do not need to enter a Participant ID.
  • Be prepared to pay for the insurance with a credit card. CISI costs approximately $33/month, regardless of your age or destination.
  • Once your payment has processed, you will be able to save as a pdf, print, or email your insurance information and ID card. (You can also login to the online system at any time to retrieve this information.)
  • Email the confirmation of CISI purchase to

Please note: CISI is only available for Virginia Tech sponsored programs (Study Abroad, Co-Curricular Programs, Research, Conferences, USCO/USLP Programs.)

CISI is NOT available if: you are traveling for leisure OR if you are a Registered Student Organization traveling internationally. 

To find other travel insurance providers, click here.

Register U.S. citizen travelers with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) prior to departure. STEP sends the latest travel updates and information on any destination.

Leaders must email confirmation of STEP enrollment to

The Department of State’s Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management (ACS) administers the Consular Information Program, which informs about conditions abroad that may affect their safety and security while traveling.

VT Engage will supply all travelers with an emergency card upon receipt of travel information at least one month prior to departure. Students are required to carry the emergency card while abroad.

Program Director(s) must notify VT Engage if there are any changes in participants, contact information or other pertinent information.