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Virginia Tech’s campus shows off early spring blooms as a person sits in a hammock set up between two trees. (Photo by Christina Franusich/Virginia Tech)
March 27, 2020 – Virginia Tech’s campus shows off early spring blooms. (Photo by Christina Franusich/Virginia Tech)

VT Engage is Virginia Tech's center for service-learning, leadership education, & civic engagement

We partner with nonprofits to create community-driven service programs, work with students to develop their leadership competencies, and engage with faculty on integrating community learning opportunities into their curriculum.

We invite undergraduate and graduate students of any major to join us to #ExperienceUtProsim.

Current operations

  • This summer, we are offering virtual workshops to students, faculty, staff, and community members.
  • Need to reach us? Head to our team page for details. Our office remains physically closed.
  • Visit our COVID-19 response page to learn more about resources available to students, faculty, and staff, as well as ways to support community.

Thank you to the 2020 graduates who served with us

Our student leaders and graduate assistants help make our programs happen. We gathered dozens of messages congratulating this year's graduates on their achievements. These videos feature some of those messages. Class of 2020, we are so proud of you and you will be so missed.

Senior student leaders

Graduate Assistant Kaylynn Hill

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