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Collage of two photos with people in a mini van wearing purple Hokies Vote masks

Collage of two photos with people in a mini van wearing purple Hokies Vote masks

Post-Election events

The following is a list of events that will be offered by our team, Student Affairs departments, and other campus partners. We'll continue to keep this list up-to-date.

Hosted by VT Engage, the Department of Political Science, and the Department of Communication
Wednesday, Nov. 11 from 7 - 8:30 p.m.

A pandemic during an election year has made for a unique and stressful election season. Join VT Engage and Virginia Tech political science and communications faculty as they discuss election season, the results, and how we move forward as a nation by being involved in our communities. Featured Panelists include:

  • Brandy Faulkner, the Gloria D. Smith Professor of Black Studies at Virginia Tech and Assistant Professor for the Department of Political Science
  • Mike Horning, Associate Professor of multimedia journalism in the Virginia Tech School of Communication and Director of social informatics research in the Center for Human Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech
  • Karen Hult, Professor for the Department of Political Science
Event cancelled - plan to reschedule for this spring
Hosted by Cultural and Community Centers, Hokie Wellness, and VT Engage
Tuesday, Nov. 17

It is completely valid to be experiencing strong emotions during this time. In this session we will discover how to work with our complex emotions through the concepts of emotional self-awareness, radical acceptance, and mindfulness. Together with self-compassion, we will have the opportunity to learn, connect through conversation and engage in personal reflection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about voting? Check out our list of frequently asked questions below!

Have a question not listed here? Want information on how to get more involved? Contact Jessica Davis at or 540-231-6947.

That is up to you as a voter! Consider the following questions: where will you be for election day? Or if you are doing a mail-in ballot, where is the best place to receive your ballot?

Also, when you consider the local and state races of Blacksburg and back home, which community are you more involved or concerned about? If you are keeping your registration back home, you can still have your ballot sent to Blacksburg for early voting.

Just be sure to request the ballot and return it as soon as possible. You cannot drop off your ballot for another county at the Montgomery County locations.

No! You can only register to vote at one address! Virginia voters can update their addresses here.
Virginia voters can check their registration status and information here. Or you can call your local election office to verify your registration.
Directions on how to write out your full on-campus address can be found here.

Virginia voters: check your poll location on the Virginia Board of Elections website.

Voters in other states or territories can go to the U.S. Vote Foundation’s website for more information or directly to their local or state board of elections webpages to get this information.

You should request your absentee ballot as early as possible! In Virginia, the last day to request an absentee ballot is October 23, 2020. Virginia voters can request an absentee ballot on the Virginia Department of Elections website.

Voters in other states and territories can go to their local or state board of elections webpages to get absentee ballot information for more information go to the U.S. Vote Foundation's website.

Virginia voters: head to the Virginia Department of Elections' website for the Virginia vote by mail application.

Outside of Virginia: visit, input your address info, and you’ll get additional information on what you need to do to request a mail-in ballot.

Yes! This year, voters have until October 31 to submit their vote early. Montgomery County, where Virginia Tech is located, has two satellite voting sites.

  • Government Center - 755 Roanoke St, Christiansburg - Multi- Purpose Room 1
  • Uptown Christiansburg Mall, Wonder Universe, A Children’s Museum (rear entrance) 782 New River Rd, Christiansburg

Both locations are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Both locations will also be open on Saturday, October 24, and Saturday, October 31, from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Both locations will be closed on Indigenous People's Day (Columbus Day), October 12.

Additionally, these locations have drop off boxes for mail-in voters which are available during the same hours and allow voters a contactless way to turn in their ballot directly to election officials instead of through the mail.

No. You must vote at the location you are registered at. If you would like to update your registration to vote on campus, you have until October 13. Voters currently registered in Virginia can update their voting registration on the Virginia Department of Elections website.

Registered in another state or territory? Go to the U.S. Vote Foundation’s website for more information or directly to your local or state board of elections webpages to get this information.

An absentee ballot is a form of voting other than voting in person on election day. Typically, this means voting early, voting in-person or mail-in.

Any person, regardless of their disability status, has the right to register to vote at any office or agency that provides such a service. A person with cognitive disabilities can be eligible to register and vote if not adjudicated mentally incapacitated by a court of law.

If you require assistance in reading or completing forms, please ask an election official to provide help or bring your own helper.

If you have a physical disability, you may vote on Election Day without leaving your vehicle. This is called curbside voting. If you would like to use curbside voting, remember to bring a helper with you who can enter the polling place to ask an election officer for curbside assistance.

Individuals under isolation or quarantine during Election Day are strongly encouraged to vote absentee in order to comply with isolation/quarantine and reduce risk to others.

If absentee deadlines have been missed, there is an option to pursue emergency absentee voting:

You may cast an emergency absentee ballot if you were unable to meet the "vote by mail" application deadline for any of the following reasons (Va. Code § 24.2-705):

      Your hospitalization or illness;
      The hospitalization, illness, or death of a spouse, child, or parent; or
      Other emergency found to justify receipt of an emergency absentee ballot
  • Requirements for emergency absentee voting:

        You may request to vote emergency absentee at any time prior to 2:00 pm on the day preceding the election
        If you are approved for an emergency ballot, your general registrar shall provide the absentee ballot to your designated representative for delivery to you
        You shall mark the ballot in the presence of your designated representative (all parties should be masked and maintain distancing)
        The ballot shall be counted only if the ballot is received by the general registrar prior to the close of polls

Explore your civic identity

There are many ways to engage with community - and VT Engage is a great place to building these connections. We want to help you develop your voice as a community member and leader, and help you participate in democratic processes.

Whether that's voting in local or national elections, attending town council meetings, joining a civic group, or something else, join us!

Join the Coalition

If you are interested in getting involved with a campus efforts to increase civic engagement, get in touch with us! The coalition is currently open to campus and community organizations committed to non-partisan voter engagement and education groups.


VT Engage offers two fellowships to support our civic engagement work. The Democracy Fellowship is offered in partnership with the Campus Vote Project. This fellow works with the on-campus team to complete the four planning steps of students learn student vote checklist, which was created to build power and ensure voter engagement success on campus.

The Engagement Fellow, offered in partnership with the Campus Election Engagement Project The Engagement Fellow is responsible for carrying out nonpartisan voter engagement activities on your campus.