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O∆K Spring 2017 inductees

Omicron Delta Kappa Society, Inc., the national leadership honor society for college students, recognizes and encourages superior scholarship, leadership and exemplary character. Membership in OΔK is a mark of highest distinction and honor.


The Society recognizes achievement in scholarship; athletics; campus or community service, social and religious activities, and campus government; journalism, speech and mass media; and the creative and performing arts. Emphasis is placed on the development of the whole person, both as a member of the college community and as a contributor to a better society.

What we believe

Mission (The OΔK Idea)

  • Identify, honor, and develop leaders in collegiate and community life.
  • Encourage collaboration among students, faculty, staff, and alumni to advance leadership.
  • Promote, publicize, and enhance our ideals.


  • Omicron Delta Kappa is a multi-generational society that excels in recognizing and connecting collaborative and inclusive leaders.

Leadership Values

  • Collaboration – to work together to achieve a defined and common purpose
  • Inclusivity – to actively seek, embrace, and advance a diverse group of individuals
  • Integrity – to align one’s values and beliefs with behaviors and speech
  • Scholarship – to strive for excellence in academics and pursue lifelong learning
  • Service – to answer the call for action from one’s community or country

Five Pillars of Campus Life

  • Academics and Research
  • Athletics
  • Service to Campus and Community
  • Communications
  • Creative and Performing Arts

What is OΔK?

  • Omicron Delta Kappa (OΔK) is a prestigious honor society with over 300 chapters on campuses through the US. The society was originally founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914. Collegiate initiates are sophomores, juniors, seniors, graduate and professional students in the top 35% of their academic class. Membership is also extended to include faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and civic and community leaders.

Is this a legitimate organization?

  • Yes, it is. OΔK was first established at Virginia Tech in 1933. Today OΔK at Virginia Tech is working on reestablishing the organization as the leading National Leadership Honor Society on campus in partnership with VT Engage: The Center for Leadership & Service Learning ( This alignment will help expand the values of superior scholarship, leadership, and exemplary character that our core to OΔK. 

Is OΔK at Virginia Tech a VT Engage Program?

  • Yes. VT Engage staff serve as the advisor(s) for the campus chapter and provide leadership expertise to help move the organization to meet the goals of the executive board as well as the department. The advisor facilitates the invitation process to protect student information. While the advisor primarily works with the executive board, they are also available to help members in their leadership journeys. The executive board serves as a team of students to create, facilitate, and implement events that meet the Induction criteria for the chapter. They act as guides through the leadership development period and can be mentors for other members.

How was I selected for this honor society?

  • Membership is extended to students who are in the top 35% of their class for undergraduates. Or top 35% of school for graduate and professional students. Members can also be nominated by faculty, staff, and students.

Is there an application process?

  • Yes, students will complete the national chapter’s application as well as answer specific questions identified by our leadership team.

What essay questions are on the application?

  • Which of our pillars speak most to you and why? (academics, athletics, service, communications, or arts)
  • Describe your most significant leadership experience while attending college/university
  • What is your personal leadership philosophy
  • Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. What promoted your thinking and what was the result?

I was selected, but I’m unsure if I can commit to meetings? Can I still join?

  • Yes. Students are encouraged to attend meetings and events as much as possible. As with any association like this you get out of it what you put into the organization. We also understand that as you progress through your time here at VT your time will fluctuate. We hope that you are able to prioritize OΔK to get the most out of it while you are here at VT, but you’ll also be able to engage as an alumni too.

What does tapping mean?

  • Tapping is the process of notifying an individual that he or she has been selected for membership into the society. It is the first public display of the honor of membership in the Society. Tapping is both a meaningful ritual and a public relations process to educate others about OΔK.

I’m a freshman or sophomore. Can I still join?

  • Freshman and sophomore students are welcome to apply, however, only students who qualify in the top 35% of their class are eligible. Therefore, first semester freshman cannot apply. Membership will be prioritized for junior, senior, and graduate students as chapters are not able to induct more than 5% of their total undergraduate population.

What can members do after they are inducted?

  • Members are encouraged to participate in a leadership program in the fall semester and a service event in the spring semester. We are still working on other events for the organization. So if you are interested in joining the executive board to help shape the future of the organization reach out to the circle coordinator!

What are the costs associated with the leadership program? Why does OΔK charge dues?

  • There is a $94 lifetime membership fee that you pay after you have been accepted into the society. Most honor societies have annual dues for membership, however ours is a one-time lifetime membership. The fee covers all services and support the student receives as a member. The chapter is then able to use this money to support the campus chapter with events and activities.

Can I earn academic credit for participating?

  • No. This is a co-curricular experience.

Upcoming Information Sessions

Requests for accommodations

If you are an individual with a disability and desire an accommodation, welcome! Please contact the OΔK circle coordinator, Jes Davis, Associate Director for VT Engage at or 540-231-6947 during regular business hours at least five business days prior to the session.