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One Big Thanks Conference at Virginia Tech

November 3-5, 2023


The One Big Thanks Conference was founded at Texas A&M in 2006 as an opportunity to promote the values of service and unity, and to encourage other universities to establish The Big Event on their own campuses. The name of the conference is derived from The Big Event’s motto: "One Big Day, One Big Thanks!". Today, over 130 universities have The Big Event — a way to say, thank you to the local community that supports their university.

Today, the One Big Thanks Conference has expanded to all Day of Service events as a way for students to promote servant leadership, community engagement, and gain valuable skills they can take to their programs and their professional careers.

Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of the One Big Thanks Conference is to unite student leaders dedicated to developing a day of service together, understanding, growing, and supporting their communities through servant leadership development.


The vision of the One Big Thanks Conference is to build relationships, curate community engagement opportunities, grow in personal and professional development, and to develop an identity revolving around servant leadership.


  • Unity
  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Identity
  • Community

Each university is highly encouraged to have an attendee submit the form about what topic they are interested in presenting. A non-profit or a third-party organization is also more than welcome to present. Learn more.

We are offering a wide range of awards at our closing celebration this year, and we would love everyone to apply for one or more awards. Learn more.

This is an all-call for universities to select one member to review award applications prior to the One Big Thanks Conference. Learn more.