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For an event of this magnitude to function properly, it needs around $50,000 each year. The Big Event relies on donations ranging from large national corporations to local public donations as well as generous local business support. Whether it be through monetary sponsorships, donations, or ideas, we appreciate any and all contributions.

Ways to Donate

You can mail a check to:

  • 417 Clay St. SW
    Blacksburg, VA 24061

You can donate online through the VT Giving website:

  • Select a gift amount.
  • Select an area - Student Organizations
  • Select a fund - The Big Event
  • Fill out personal information.

*Donations are tax deductible through the Virginia Tech Foundation

Local and National Contributors

If your company is looking to donate to The Big Event, please contact our fundraising and finance team at

Donations to The Big Event at Virginia Tech are tax exempt through The Virginia Tech Foundation. If donating to our event, please contact for tax ID information.